Thursday, December 9, 2010

Summer is....

watermelons, bronzer, pina coladas, turquoise jewellery, hibiscuses, beach holidays, tinted moisturiser, Summerblossoms in my hair, cicadas singing, afternoon thunderstorms, sarsparilla, Erin Louise maxi dresses, bejewelled thongs, chilli-con-queso, frangipanis, mojitos, Christmas lights, Benefit Benetint, relaxing with family, mangoes, Turkish Apple iced tea, paddle pool dates with Noah, sunscreen, Bobbi Brown Beach perfume, coconuts, lemon curd tart, swimming, siestas, coconut lime verbena moisturiser, palm trees, brunch with friends, moon stones, luke warm baths, Weis bars, DiorShow waterproof mascara, lemon, lime & bitters, afternoon strolls and....

days spent on the beach with my best friend in the world, followed by evenings at the bar of my favourite restaurant Bel Mondo, sipping fresh fruit cocktails!

Lychees, strawberries, mint & lime muddled up with absolut citron, lychee liquor & cranberry juice, topped with ice lemonade.

via We Heart It

via We Heart It

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via Chelsea Chen

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{images via RI PhotoMan; Another Day Closer; Chelsea Chen; We Heart It}

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