Thursday, December 2, 2010

Make-up tips for travelling this Christmas

When you are travelling over Christmas, the make-up that you wear and pack will depend on the holiday location and length of stay, as well as the duration of the flight (if applicable) and what you will be doing once you land. Overseas flights can be incredibly dehydrating, with the air-conditioned environment of the plane making skin feel dry and uncomfortable. Avoid eating salty food, soft drinks and alcohol which dehydrate the skin. And drink plenty of water!!!

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Ever wondered why celebrities get off planes looking so fresh and hydrated? It's not just because they travel first class. You too can look well rested, relaxed, and effortlessly flawless as you disembark simply by following these few steps:

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- Decant your beauty products and sunscreen into travel size containers. This is especially beneficial for flights where liquids on board are restricted.
- Pack facial wipes to remove make-up.
- Pack multi purpose products to reduce the bulk.

- Tinted SPF moisturiser and a cream concealer to cover any blemishes (this should replace your regular moisturiser and foundation)
- Waterproof lengthening mascara
- Hydrating moisturiser (for evenings and the plane)
- Blotting paper instead of powder to remove excess oil from your complexion.
- Compact of natural eye shadows. This can be used for brows, contouring and to line the eyes too.
- Instead of a lipstick and blush, use your lipstick for both. Alternatively invest in a combined lip & cheek tint.
- Hydrating eye gel
- Wax based lip balm (to seal in moisturiser)
- Eye drops

- Cleanse as normal
- Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells
- Moisturise as normal
- Apply a tinted moisturiser, cream concealer and a coat of mascara for the airport.
- Apply a tint or stain to cheeks and lips followed by lip balm

- Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
- Use facial wipes to remove any makeup
- Apply a hydrating moisturiser
- Apply a hydrating eye gel
- Apply lip balm
- Use eye drops to prevent eyes from drying out.

- Use facial wipes to cleanse skin
- Apply tinted moisturiser and cream concealer to even out skin tone
- Apply a coat of lengthening waterproof mascara
- Apply a tint or stain to the cheeks for that fresh faced look
- Apply a tint or stain and lip balm to the lips


{images via: Breakaway; Knight Cat; Vanity Mama

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